In this post you can view our honest reviews of the following Vision Grills Kamados:

Vision Pro S-Series Kamado

vision classic B series kamado

Vision Classic   

B-Series Kamado

vision diamond cut B series kamado

Vision Diamond Cut

B-Series Kamado

Vision Diamond Cut B-Series Ceramic Kamado

The Vision Diamond Cut B-Series Ceramic Kamado Grill is one hot commodity that’s rolling out at Sam’s Club stores across the country. While Vision Grills offers a multitude of Egg style grills, the 24” B-Series is the one that you’ll see at your local Sams this grilling season.

Like the Louisiana Grills LGK24 and Pit Boss PB24 Ceramic Kamado Grill available at competitor warehouse store Costco, the Vision Grills Ceramic Kamado Grill is designed to compete with Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe.

When you try to search for which ceramic egg style grill is right for you, two primary considerations probably come to mind.

  1. Total square inches of the grill’s cooking area.
  2. Number of accessories that are included with the grill purchase vs. sold separately

We’ll directly compare this grill to the competition, but first here’s an overview of the Vision Grills Diamond Cut B-Series Kamado.

Vision Grills Diamond Cut B-Series Kamado Specifications

Grilling Space

Once we took the lid off the grill, we were delighted to see what we were working with.

This grill features a 19.5 inch bottom steel cooking grate and an 18.75 inch top cooking grate for a total cooking surface area of 604 square inches.

The fact that this grill offers a secondary cooking surface that comes standard and connects above the main cooking grate is a huge plus. The 604 total square inches of cooking space will be perfect for almost any cooking session.

In the world of the ceramic kamado grill, compared to an average charcoal or gas grill, space is usually very limited. Stacked cooking grids are perfect outdoor grilling and will give you more cooking space.

Vision Diamond Cut Grate

Cooking Grates

Stainless steel grates come standard with each Vision Grills Diamond Cut Kamado, and you’ll be grateful that they do. Stainless steel cooking grates are essential for quick and easy cleaning and avoiding food sticking to the rack after a long cook.

If you’ve ever tried cooking with heavy duty cast iron grates, you’ll love the stainless steel two level grates that come standard with this unit.

Vision Grill Grates

Interior Construction

The interior of the grill is lined with a thick ceramic insert that provides the heat and temperature retention qualities that kamados are known for. While other grills may rely on steel or metal inserts, the ceramic insert is far superior in its ability to retain heat and temperature over a long cook.

Near perfect insulation is what helps grills like the Vision Grills Diamond Cut B-Series use so little fuel in comparison to other types of charcoal grills.

For quick and easy temperature control, the Classic Diamond Cut B Series Kamado comes with a temperature gauge on the lid and calibrated control for the top vent and bottom vent.

Temperature is usually easiest to control on a charcoal or gas grill, and this charcoal kamado is no different.

Exterior Construction

The exterior of the Vision Kamado that you’ll find at your local Sams Club is different than almost any other grill manufactured by Vision Grills. This grill is called the “Diamond Cut B-Series” because it’s basically a B-Series kamado that Vision Grills offers on their website, but wrapped in a more angular ceramic construction exterior shell.

The outside of this grill has a very distinct style and body when compared to any other grill on the market, including any charcoal or gas grill. The surface is quite smooth, and easily wipes off with a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

Vision Grills Diamond Cut B Series Exterior

Fuel Type

Like all kamado grills, lump charcoal is the preferred fuel of choice. While this grill can be fueled by charcoal briquettes, lump charcoal is preferred for a couple of reasons.

With kamado grills, when you’re finished with a cook, it’s possible to save what charcoal is left for the next cook. By closing down the vent dampers on the top and bottom of the grill's body, all oxygen is cut off and combustion becomes impossible.

Lump Charcoal for Kamado Grill

As fire needs oxygen to burn, the fire goes out and the temperature of any remaining lump charcoal cools down to be used for the next cook. Charcoal briquettes on the other hand will disintegrate after the cook and not be usable for the next round of cooking.

Another reason why lump charcoal is the way to go for kamado grills is because of the amount of ash produced when compared to briquettes. Charcoal briquettes leave large amounts of ash when they deteriorate, and lumps leave very little ash as it’s consumed during the grilling process.

Kamado grills have a rather small ash collection below the charcoal grate, and a grill full of ash would stifle the air input to the fire over time during a cook. If you go with charcoal briquettes, you won't have to worry about ash control as much. Just in case, though, the diamond classic also offers a removable ash drawer for quick and easy ash clean up and control in just a few minutes.

Using lump charcoal in a kamado like the b-series diamond cut is the way to go to avoid ash and see better performance.

Damper Construction

The construction of the top damper in most kamado style grills is of cast iron. The Vision Diamond Cut B-Series has a cast iron damper as well.

Since the temperature of the cast iron will get quite hot as the grill comes to temperature, Vision offers a built in stay cool handle to control the cast iron top damper.

Vision Grills Diamond Cut B Series Top Damper

The bottom vent on this kamado grill is made of stainless steel. There are two levels of vent dampers built in to the bottom of the unit, giving precise control of how much air well vent in during a cook.

The back damper is a slotted steel plate which allows much less air to vent in than leaving the door or vent completely open. The construction of the front damper is of a solid steel plate which allows the user to snuff out the fire by closing the door.

There is a plastic handle on the front damper that allows the user to open and close the door during a cook without needing to worry about the heat or temperature of the steel plate.

Grill Stand or Nest

The Vision Grills Diamond Cut Kamado comes with a classic kamado stand included. Unlike a few of Vision’s competitors, Vision includes the stand with each grill purchase. Other grill manufacturers have a kamado stand available for an additional cost, some asking for as much as $150 – $200 for a stand for the grill's body.

Vision Grills Diamond Cut B Series Stand

Grill Cover

There is a grill cover included with each Vision Grills diamond cut b-series cooker, which is a plus. With many other grill manufacturers, a cover will be an extra $40-$60, and Vision includes one with each purchase.

If you’ve ever stored a grill outside, you know what a benefit a grill cover can be. If you live in an area that has any amount of wind, you’ll appreciate the velcro straps that are sewn onto the bottom of the cover. Vision Grills Classic Diamond Cut provides additional protection with two locking casters on the wheels.

We’ve owned grills where our neighbors will call saying they found our grill cover in the yard 5 houses away, and they’re always the covers without any kind of velcro or tie down. (Or when we forgot to fasten the straps.) Vision does it right by including a cover that’s actually useful and easy to control with this grill.

Vision Grill Diamond Cut Vs. The Competition

The primary competitors of the diamond cut b-series are the Louisiana Grills K24, the large Big Green Egg and the Kamado Joe Classic ii.

In the chart below, we will directly compare the stats of each grill so you can see how similar the construction of these grills are in form and function.

Big Green Egg Large

Kamado Joe Classic ii

Pit Boss K24 Ceramic

Vision B-Series Diamond Cut






Cooking Area

262 sq. in.

254 sq. in.

331 sq. in.

302 in.


140 lbs

188 lbs

260 lbs

196 lbs

2 Level Cooking





Nest/ Stand





When you take a few minutes and search the style of the grills competing for the same slice of the market, a couple of things are clear.

To purchase a comparable Big Green Egg size Large and get all of the accessories that are already included with the Vision B-Series Diamond Cut Kamado, it would cost right at double the price. Purchasing the nest (stand) for the body alone is almost $200 additional, not including if you want to invest in 2tier stainless cooking to double the available cooking size.

The Kamado Joe Classic ii kamado offers a starting price of more than double the price of the Vision Grills B-Series Diamond Cut. Kamado Joe is known for including many of the accessories that a user would want when purchasing a kamado grill, and the cost reflects it.

You’re going to find a similar grill in the Louisiana Grills or “Pit Boss” challenger to the Vision kamado, as Vision Grills is exclusive to Sams Club and the Louisiana Grills and Pit Boss are exclusive to Costco. If you have one of these warehouse stores in your area, they have a display set that you can get your hands on and experience all that it offers March through October in the central U.S.

Vision Classic B-Series Kamado

The Vision Grills B Series Kamado is a grill that can do it all. In our Classic Vision Grill review, we're going to walk through our experience with the Vision Grills Kamado B Series, and show you what worked and what didn't with this particular product.

Vision Grills is a close competitor to Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe to name a few, and the kamado grill market has become much more crowded as of late. The Vision Grills kamado, like most egg style grills can pretty much do it all.

From smoking food low and slow to high temperature grilling and everything in between, this Vision Grills Kamado has got it where it counts. 

This Vision Grills B-Series Kamado Grill Review covers our experience over a 12 month period with this particular grill.

Which Kamado Is Best?

The “best” kamado really comes down to your unique outdoor cooking needs. If you need a kamado that can cook over 30 hamburgers at once, you’ll want two tier cooking with easy access to both levels. If you search for how to smoke food low and slow, you’ll find that you need a lava stone that allows for indirect grilling. The stone comes standard on the Pit Boss and the Vision Grills units, but is extra on the Kamado Joe and the Big Green Egg.

Some people prefer to get a kamado that has a manufacturer's warranty in the event that something goes wrong with the grill. Most grills, Vision grills included, will have some type of warranty. Every warranty is different though, so if you want a kamado grill that has one, make sure you know what exactly the warranty covers.

No matter what food you're grilling, there’s a kamado style grill to fit what you’re on the search for.

Now it’s your turn. Which kamado do you use and what’s your favorite thing to cook on it? Leave us a comment below and let us know what you do with your kamado grill.

For more charcoal, offset and gas grill reviews, stayed tuned to The Barbecue Lab.

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