The Pit Boss Kamado is one of the most widely available kamado style grills in the United States. Pit Boss offers two kamado models, and they come in 22” and 24” varieties.

As a competitor to other ceramic charcoal grills like the Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg, the Pit Boss kamado grill has all of the main features that you've come to expect in a ceramic kamado grill.

With all ceramic grills, there are a plethora of accessories that you can add at the time of purchase. Certain brands add every item with the grill, and others sell each item separately.

Here is an overview of each type of Pit Boss Ceramic Kamado. The K22 ceramic charcoal grill is their 22” model, and the K24 ceramic charcoal grill is their 24” model. If you’re not familiar, in the world of ceramic grills, width matters.

Pit Boss Kamado 22" Ceramic Charcoal Grill

Pit Boss K24 Ceramic Charcoal Grill



573" sq. cooking interior

662" sq. cooking interior

ceramic inner lining

ceramic inner lining

300" sq. main cooking

330" sq. main cooking

2 level cooking grate

2 level cooking grate


27.36" long

33.86" high

35.83" high

27.76" deep

29.13" deep

218.1 lbs

260.1 lbs

temperature gauge on lid

temperature gauge on lid

bamboo side shelves

bamboo side shelves

2 locking casters

2 locking casters

nest/stand included

nest/stand included

Lava stone $53.99

Lava stone $59.99

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Louisiana Grills Kamado

What Is a Pit Boss Kamado Grill?

Kamado grills are known for their ability to hold a consistent temperature for an extended period of time. The exterior of the grill is made up of a glossy coating that makes cleanup easy, but the real magic is located just under the lid.

The grill is shaped like an egg, and the heart inside the grill is a ceramic egg shaped insert that lines both the lid, sides and bottom of the interior of the grill.

This body of this ceramic charcoal grill allows the it to hold and control heat unlike any other charcoal grill.

Louisiana Grills Kamado

The kamado grill lets air in with a small damper vent on the bottom front of the grill, and is the primary way that heat is controlled within the unit.

Pit Boss Kamado Top Vent

There is also a top damper vent on the lid that controls how much heat and smoke can escape the grill. This top setting is rather sensitive, and even small changes to the opening can change the temperature of the grill by 20 degrees or more.

Louisiana Grills 24" Kamado Style Grill

Are Pit Boss and Louisiana Grills Kamados the Same?

Pit Boss Kamados and Louisiana Grills Kamado models are manufactured by the same parent company Dansons, Inc. The Pit Boss PBK24C1 model has been available for purchase at our local Costco store for a few years now, making it very convenient to just set in the cart, take home and start cooking. However, we've come to find that the model looks the exact same this year, but has a different brand name on the outside.

What we can get at our close to home Costco store is the Louisiana Grills LGK24C1 model, which is visually identical to the former Pit Boss model we saw for many years. In an email from Dansons, Inc, a representative explained:

“…there is a PBK24C1 and a LGK24C1 that are exclusive to Costco and they come with the black composite side shelves and handle.”

If you order a K24 through the PitBoss website, you’re going to get Bamboo side shelves while the Costco variant has the composite side shelves. The Costco grills are blue in color on the outside, and direct through the Pit Boss or Louisiana Grills website there are multiple colors available.

Louisiana Grills Costco

What are the benefits of a Pit Boss Kamado Grill?

The Pit Boss kamado grills are made of ceramic materials unlike some of the common competitors like the Akorn jr. by Char-Griller. Another difference on the Pit Boss grill that you’ll notice is stainless steel cooking grates.

Louisiana Grills Cooking Grate

Both the main grate and the top grate are made of stainless steel so food won’t stick. The Akorn jr. uses cast iron grates which makes for a different kind of backyard grilling experience.

This egg grill by Pit Boss is out to show that not every ceramic charcoal grill is made the same. There is a distinct difference between a classic Weber grill and a kamado style grill. The way they hold heat is dramatically different.

The Weber kettle grill dome is made of a thinner metal that allows heat to escape more quickly while the kamado grill uses the internal ceramic and dampers to hold the heat in.

What is the difference between a kamado grill and a gas grill?

A kamado grill can be a gas grill, but most of the time they are designed for charcoal. Gas grills use tanks of propane for their fuel, and kamados take natural lump charcoal.

You’ll find a distinct taste difference when you’re cooking with lump charcoal instead of propane. Propane might be easy to use, but it won't give the best results.

Lump Charcoal for Kamado Grill

Natural lump charcoal is really wood, and you can taste the flavor that it imparts to all your favorite recipes. Propane is a heat source that gives no taste or flavor, and serves strictly as fuel.

There are kits that allow you to convert your kamado to propane or natural gas, and additional flavor can be achieved if you add chunks of wood to provide smoke.

Pit Boss Kamado Buying Guide

The Pit Boss K24 edges out the Ceramic 22” as the better value in our opinion. The slightly larger cooking surface for just a few dollars more is what tips the scales in favor of the K24.

When you purchase the K24, you get 662 square inches of cooking area to work with. With more than 330 square inches of cooking space on the main stainless steel grate, you get enough room for a full packer brisket wrapped in butcher paper or a pair of pork butts.

Pit Boss Kamado Deflector Plate

The cooking grid can also be set up for indirect cooking with the optional heat deflector plate. The fire bowl holds the charcoal on the bottom of the grill, and the heat diverter is set up between the fire and the cook grate.

For all of the benefits of a kamado style grill there is one massive downside. The cooking space is quite a bit less than other models of ceramic charcoal grills. The dual layer cooking surface of the K24 is a necessity if you’re looking to cook or BBQ in any quantity.

The Pit Boss website claims that you can fit a total of 38 burgers on this grill when utilizing both layers of cooking surface. Unless you’re cooking sliders, I wouldn’t count on this grill handling 38 adult sized burgers worth of cooking space. The drippings alone coming off that much cow at one time are guaranteed to spike the temperature inside the grill since this is setup for direct grilling over lump charcoal. Attempting 38 burgers is only recommended if you need the extra smoke coming off your pit to send smoke signals to an adjacent neighborhood.

There are plenty of competitors to the Pit Boss Kamado on the market, and Vision Grills, Broil King, Oklahoma Joe offset smokers are looking to garner your attention while you’re browsing the aisles at a big box store near you.

Remember that the benefits of a kamado style grill is that they retain heat for a long, long time. In comparison to their offset smoker brothers, they take very little fuel for a cook. Two or three handfuls of lump charcoal may be all you need to cook dinner, and temperature control is a breeze.

Louisiana Grills Damper

One of the ways that a kamado grill uses very little charcoal is that you can reuse the charcoal that’s left for the next cook. Just close the intake and output dampers, clean out the ash and you’ll have charcoal left to use the next time you want to put some smoke in the air.

If you’re thinking that the Pit Boss Kamado is a portable grill design, allow us to throw this into the fold: The K22 product is pretty heavy at 260 pounds, so if you’re looking at this grill to take to a tailgate, you better find plenty of strong friends to join you and share the burden. You can grill mini food all you want, but that won’t change the fact that this BBQ smoker is a very heavy design. If you don't get anyone willing to join you, it'll be a tough grill to haul to your tailgates from home.

Thankfully, the grill is more mobile when it's on a hard surface. It has easy to use wheels with swivel casters that will move in any direction that you want. The casters make for easy mobility on a hard surface, but the wheels definitely struggle on soft surfaces.

The bamboo side shelves fold down on the K24 product to allow the grill cover to fit over the unit. When you're ready to fire up the grill and cook some food, the cover is very easy to fold up and store until you're done.

As far as BBQ pits go, the kamado style has one of the smaller footprints available.

Louisiana Grills Temperature Gauge

Should You Buy A Pit Boss Kamado?

If you’re looking for a ceramic kamado for your grill arsenal, the Pit Boss is a solid entry in the ceramic egg space. The Pit Boss is available at most major big box retailers, and it’s known to go on sale at the end of the season for a significant discount.

If you are in the market for a ceramic charcoal kamado and don’t have the budget for some of the more expensive brands, the Pit Boss Kamado is a perfect unit to find out if kamado style grilling is right for you.

About Pit Boss Kamado Grills

Pit Boss Ceramic Kamado Series grills are manufactured by Danson’s, which is also the parent group to Louisiana Grills pellet grills and smokers.

We here at The Barbecue Lab have had our fair share of experience working with Danson’s customer support. We found them to be very responsive and helpful with the issue we were having with another one of their grills not featured in this review. The issue was taken care of with expediency and care and that level of customer service is worth noting.

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